Beta Readers: 
Beta readers are the life blood of this author. They are the folks that catch all the issues I miss in my desire to continue my prolific breakneck endeavors.
I, of course, have three areas of Beta Readers. Those that like Science Fiction in the form of Star Trek Fan Fiction; those that like Dystopian literature. and last, but not least, are my fellow Model Railroaders that love to catch my mistakes, whither in the Middle Georgia Model Railroad Club agendas & minutes or in Model Railroad articles.
If you would like to be one of my Beta Readers, please contact me: By Email:
But, be warned, be very very warned. If you are not ready to be brutally honest about my writing, please do not ask for this priviledge. If you just want to see the books first, as they are produced, especially without comment or criticism, please don't ask to be a Beta Reader.