I write in two genres: 
STAR TREK: USS Explorer Series
The USS Explorer is a new class of starship designed to include the technologies of the Borg ...
Set 10 years after the Dominion War, the USS Explorer is a fleet with a consulate on board.
The current series comprises the first 5 books with a sixth in work.
The USS Explorer series includes
The Gathering (Final) - New Release 11 February 2023
The Journey (Final) - New Release 16 March 2024
The Arrival ( Beta)
The Valley (awaiting Beta)
The Family (awaiting Beta)
The Leader (in work)

Young Adult Dystopian: The Journal of 5X3U003930094.
The Journal of 5X3U003930094 follows a young girl as she grows up in an all-female world that has enjoyed 400+ years of peace and prosperity following the Great Pandemic that terminated all the males in the world. Not only human males, but animal and insect also.
The survivors, left on their own as the governments of the world collapsed, formed communities that traded with each other. The communities came together into administration trading sectors, which governed trade and resources. These combined into divisions, these into Regions and areas. Finally creating a World Administration.
The Journal of 5X35U003930094 series includes
Part 1 (in Beta)
Part 2 (awaiting Beta)
Part 3 (awaiting Beta)
Part 4 (awaiting Beta)
Part 5 (awaiting Beta)
Part 6 (in work)